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Group Info Group Founded 6 Years ago Statistics 129 Members
13,689 Pageviews134 Watchers

Group Info

This is a group supporting wide variety of talents for artists of all kinds. If one can obey the 5 rules posted to the right of this message they can be a member here. All that love werewolves, lycans, or many mythological creatures are welcome. :)
Founded 6 Years ago
May 15, 2011

North America

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WereSonic & Friends

129 Members
134 Watchers
13,689 Pageviews
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Sonic Co. Wereforms
Tales and Stories
FC's FC werehogs
Gift: Nitroushine by ShineSonic07
Eco 2015! by ShineSonic07
Christmas Gift 2014:OnePieceFan15 by ShineSonic07
Fusion 1:The Tank Bros ::Beast Form:: by ShineSonic07
Sonic Co. Pics
SHOCK AND HORROR!!! by Iyzeekiil
Dead Spaced..... by Iyzeekiil
Gift to the Ficdoctor by Iyzeekiil
THe sixth sense... by Iyzeekiil
Bowser and Giga Bowser meet pg.2 by Animeria
Bowser and Giga Bowser meet pg.1 by Animeria
two werehogs.sketches by Paumol
Werehog Couples
Where Love by EmilyBandicoot1234
in the field by EmilyBandicoot1234
Affectionate Pet by SuperSkyseeker
alguien esta celoso by Paumol
OC FC couples No werehog pics
9 months later....The 400th picture by Iyzeekiil

Mature Content

Hesitation.... by Iyzeekiil
Ask Taismo-~AllenGutairHero by Iyzeekiil
Desire... by Iyzeekiil


Professor layton werewolf transformation figure 2 by Gin93
Sonic-w-p by alice-werehog
Weres Only
Werehog thing, funny XD by blade-hedgehog
WereHog by GBByo
rockhog by shatailthehedgehog
St2nd - Flying by spectrum-sparkle

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Ranks for the chat #WereFanClubChatroom

TeamWereSonic: They're one of the essential founders or major influences within creating the chatroom. They can also be major allies within the buildup of the club or the chat. Their power extends within the fibers of the club & Its members. (Major contributors in the club can also be considered a member here). Reviews all new OC submissions.
[Not Available]

Light_Gaia: They cover the areas the TeamWereSonic doesn't oversee, possibly giving a second layer of oversight and being the second Line of leadership if the later isn't available. Gives a second opinion on OC submissions and guides new roleplayers into appropriate conduct.
[Not Available]

The_Professor: Maintains the bots and programs them, they know the club's inner workings like the back of their hand and new members should often consult them on many club affairs if there isn't any other leaders available. Their influence reaches as far and they too review OC submissions. In essence their power is similar to TeamWereSonic and the Light Gaia's.
[Not available]

WereSonic: Just as Sonic keeps the world from going to hell, those who choose this path will help keep the chat in order by reporting troubled Shifters/Travellers to the admins to get them banned or kicked. Normally supports the rules or suggests modifications for them to make them easier to read for incoming members.

WereFox/Hog/Cat/etc.:Has more influence and has some imput over OC sumbissions and can assist in monitoring the chatroom.

ChaosGems:Those who enjoy causing humorous chaos or breaking the tension. Better known as the Pranksters or Jokers of the group.

Shifters: Normal Members that have either-A.Submitted an approved OC, or B.Joined the club and Submitted an approved OC. They aren't admins but can play a major role in times of change. They can report to the bott or any rank above The_Professor for complaints and suggestions for improving the chat.

Wayfarers: Average dA chat visitors.

Silenced: Those who can't control their muzzle

Temp_Exile:Banned temporarily for rule violation

Dark_Gaia:Those who are Permanently Banned.

Got an idea for a Rank Name? Comment your suggestions! :dummy:
More Journal Entries


These are the groups that I have joined. Or new groups that need help. If you wanna affiliate, just ask. Just tell me about it.




:bulletorange: Rule#2 :bulletorange:
All Violence/gore/strong laguage is accepted, so don't bother asking for any of the listed, k? Save everyone (including yourself) the trouble.

:bulletyellow: Rule#3:bulletyellow:
Okay, If anyone wants to use any of the fan chars, ask the makers. I'll be cool as long as it applies with the rules.

No disrespecting anyone. No matter what separates you from them. :)

I've been getting allot of chats saying, "Can I use more than one characters?" If you're a member, yes. If not, no. Also, send in your fan char's profile picture in the correct folder before posting a comment or telling us about it. (you must tell us the name, though.)

Any violations of these simple 5 rules will result in consequences. But! Nobody has been banned or violated the rules yet. :) Thank you.
Have a good day! :dummy:




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